Magnetic current collector-inductor NTI-1000

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Magnetic inductor collector NTI-1000 combines an inductor for excitation of signals and a current collector for measuring the levels of excited signals. Such a device allows measurements to be carried out at one point, minimizing the measurement error of the level of excited interference, which is associated with the presence of standing waves in power supply networks, communication lines and data transmission without breaking electrical networks.

Frequency range
from 9 kHz to 1000 MHz
Built-in magnetic inductor
Calibration coefficient
-20 to 30 dB cm
Limits of permissible error of the calibration coefficient
from 9 kHz to 600 MHz
±1.5 dB
from 600 MHz to 1000 MHz
±2 dB
Wave resistance
50 Ohm
Voltage standing wave coefficient
no more than 2.0 Kstg
Type N
Maximum diameter of the measured conductor
22 mm
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)
96×42×90 mm
640 grams
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$ 1 257
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Delivery time
8 weeks
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  1. Current collector-inductor
  2. Connecting cable
  3. Passport (Operating Manual)
  4. Calibration Certificate
  5. Protective case
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