Radio measuring equipment for high-precision research

The NIPHRIT company sells measuring antennas from the manufacturer. You can operate such equipment both independently and in combination with other radio measuring devices (medium and high frequency wattmeters, modulation meters and various receivers). These devices have found wide application. The measuring antenna is used:

  • when creating electromagnetic fields with a given density;
  • for the purpose of monitoring EMO;
  • if it is necessary to determine the location of the source of electromagnetic radiation and to solve other problems.

Do you want to buy a measuring antenna quickly and profitably? Please contact NIPHRIT staff. We offer a wide range of radio measuring equipment in a wide price range. Our customers will be able to buy a device with the desired technical characteristics at the best price.

Catalog of radio measuring equipment

Biconical and frame antennas are offered in the catalog on the official website of the NIFRIT enterprise. The price of measuring antennas will depend on their technical parameters and functionality. The operating frequency range of antenna equipment is from 0.009 MHz to 3000 MHz, depending on the modification of the device. We also offer the sale of devices designed for EMC testing (inductive sensors and magnetic inductors).

The advantages of the broadband measuring antenna and other devices presented in the catalog are their high accuracy, ease of operation, easy setup and wide bandwidth. We also offer to buy verification equipment designed to reproduce sinusoidal signals with frequencies corresponding to Doppler shifts of operating frequencies.

Our advantages

We offer:

  • a wide range of radio measuring equipment;
  • optimal prices for the proposed equipment;
  • assistance in choosing the necessary devices, taking into account the needs of the client in terms of technical characteristics and his financial capabilities.

All products offered have a 12 month warranty. Call and order radio measuring equipment from the manufacturer by phone +7 (499) 995-08-52 (Moscow). Contact us! We guarantee accurate delivery of devices. Delivery times are 6 to 10 weeks. If necessary, we will advise you on all the questions that have arisen.

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