About us

“NPP Niphrit” is engaged in the development, production and implementation of measuring equipment that solves the problem in the field of radio measurements, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and spurious electromagnetic radiation and interference (PEMIN). Also, our company can develop products according to customer requirements. Our product line includes a range of measuring antennas, measuring current collectors, and magnetic inductors.

The work of the company is carried out in close cooperation with the metrological institutes and centers of the country, the world’s leading manufacturers of measuring instruments.

Our clients are more than 100 organizations throughout Russia. In working with customers, we try to build our relationships so that the company becomes our regular client, regardless of the size of the organization.

Our team sets itself the task of not only providing a comprehensive supply of instrumentation products, but also providing a wide range of services and solutions, such as:

  • repair and warranty service of devices;
  • technical advice and assistance in the selection of the necessary equipment;
  • annual participation in industrial exhibitions;
  • delivery to all regions of Russia.

How to buy

Place an order in our product catalog, or send us a request by e-mail info@niphrit.com, in the application you must specify the name, quantity and delivery method of the product you need, as well as the details of the paying organization.

During the working day, we will send you an invoice for payment, which will indicate the name of the goods, price, quantity and time of shipment to your address.


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We will advise and help you choose equipment
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Warranty service

We repair or replace the supplied equipment free of charge, if during the warranty period a non-compliance with the technical characteristics caused by the manufacturer is discovered, provided that the consumer observes the operating rules.

After the expiration of the warranty period or in case of failure due to the fault of the client, we also repair faulty equipment on a paid basis.

Approximate terms of warranty repair – up to 1 month, paid repair – up to 2 months. In rare cases, due to the complexity of the repair or the long waiting time for spare parts, the repair time may be extended.

Calibration and verification

Calibration and verification is carried out by accredited independent metrological enterprises in accordance with GOST R 51319-99 and Federal Law No. 102-FZ of June 26, 2008 on ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

Calibration and verification of the equipment produced by us will save you a lot of time and money. If you find a discrepancy between the technical parameters of the equipment declared, you do not have to pick up the equipment from the metrological center and send it to us. We always carry out preliminary diagnostics of the equipment being calibrated and verified.

Attention! In connection with the entry into force of amendments to Law No. 102-FZ of June 26, 2008 “On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements”, from September 24, 2020, the rules for verifying measuring instruments have changed. Now the results of verification in electronic form have become a priority over paper certificates. Information about the verification results is transmitted by verification laboratories to FSIS “ARSHIN”. Any user can see these results on the fgis.gost.ru website in free access. Issuance of paper certificates of verification, as well as a mark in the passport, become optional and will be performed only at the request of the customer, as an additional paid option.

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We will advise and help you choose equipment
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