Biconic antenna NBA-02M

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The NBA-02M biconic measuring antenna converts the electromagnetic field strength into electrical signals in a coaxial path and is designed to measure the electric field strength of electromagnetic waves complete with measuring receivers, spectrum analyzers. It is used in the implementation of state control measures. The antenna has a built-in amplifier, structurally combined with a matching device. The power is supplied from a rechargeable battery located in the antenna handle.

Frequency range
0.009 MHz to 2000 MHz
Range of calibration coefficient changes
from 0 to +40 dB (m^-1)
Limits of permissible absolute error of the calibration coefficient
± 2.0 dB
Error of the calibration coefficient
no more than +2 dB
Standing wave coefficient (VSWR)
no more than 2.5
The maximum measured value of the electric field strength (with compression of 1 dB)
120 dB (1 mv m ^ -1)
Nominal value of output resistance
50 ohms;
Operating time from a charged battery
at least 10 h
RF output connector type
N-type socket;
Overall dimensions (L×W×C)
no more than 510×210×40 mm
no more than 0.8 kg
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$ 1 413
Including VAT and verification
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It is in the state register of measuring instruments
Fully complies with FSTEC requirements
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Delivery time
12 weeks
1 year
State register
№ 83468-21
  1. Biconic antenna
  2. Connecting cable
  3. Tripod
  4. The charger
  5. Form
  6. Passport
  7. Calibration Certificate
  8. Protective case
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